4 Ways To Stop Excessive Sweating

Stop Excessive Sweating

Treat-Excessive-SweatingIt’s okay to sweat every now and then, because it’s the human body’s way of cooling itself down. However, when it reaches the point where it becomes unbearable and hard for you to take care of your day to day tasks. The name of this condition is hyperhidrosis and it causes you to sweat regardless if you’re hot or not.

People suffering from this chronic condition usually try to avoid shaking hands, meeting new people, and other social interactions. As you can imagine it’s embarrassing to have to live with a condition everyday where it makes you want to live in a bubble.

The good news is there are more than one way to deal with this embarrassing excessive sweating condition. If you sweat more than you would like to then you’re going to love these great tips on how to sweat less.

Stay Stress Free

Staying stress free is vital if you are really serious about sweating less. Every time you get stressed out your sweat glands release liquid onto your skin. Try doing some yoga exercises, breathing exercises, or play your favorite sport to help keep yourself calm and stress free.

Sage Tea

Sage tea is one of the most popular home remedies for excessive sweating because it’s an astringent that keeps the skin dry. Moreover, the properties in sage helps keep sweat secretions regulated. You can either drink sage tea or depending on where you sweat the most you can apply it directly to your body.


When you suffer from a condition like hyperhidrosis you need a really effective antiperspirant at all times. The ones you normally find at grocery stores aren’t that effective and will only stop (if at all) the sweating for a very short time.

You need antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride, as this is the chemical formulation with the ability to block up your sweat pores and stop you from sweating. Drysol is one of the leading antiperspirants out there known for blocking up the eccrine and apocrine sweat glands, which leads to less perspiration.

You can use this antiperspirant to stop armpits from sweating excessively, and also stop your hands and feet from sweating. You might feel a little tingling sensation afterwards but this is normal.

 Stop Excessive SweatingGreen Tea

Drinking green tea has been known to help with reducing the sweating caused by hyperhidrosis. Drinking this tea will send a signal to your brain telling your body to cool down. Drinking this tea will also purge out toxins that could be causing you to sweat non-stop.

These are some of the best ways to keep excessive sweating under control. Give them all a try and see how your body’s sweating reacts to it. Make sure before you self diagnose yourself and begin treating yourself you go to your doctor to make sure that you are okay to give some of these home remedies a try. With any treatment you try give it at least a few months before you give up with it and say it doesn’t work.

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