Top Vaping Tips for New Users

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If you have decided to switch from smoking to vaping, you may be overwhelmed at the start. Just like other things, you will need to learn first. This should not stop you from vaping. According to VIBLEO, you can learn some vaping tricks and tips that work well for you. In this post, you will learn some important tips to get you started in the appropriate direction. The following are some tips:

Disassemble the Device at Night

This may seem to be a pointless and tedious task. However, in the end, you can understand. It is advisable to remove the vape tank or atomizer, particularly if it was filled with the ejuice. This is necessary to prevent any spills or leaks that can occur from time to time. If the juice makes contact with the button or the battery, this may result in the death of your device.

Beware of Cracking

Your retailer may have warned you. Unfortunately, some retailers are not honest about their products. Remember that vape tanks are not made equal. Thus, certain ejuices may not be used in given tanks. For instance, plastic tanks are known to warp or crack with different juices. Cinnamon and menthols are some of the ejuices that are quite notorious when it comes to causing problems. If you want to enjoy a wide range of ejuices, then it is a good idea to purchase glass tanks.

eJuice Maintenance

There is a lot more to ejuices than just purchasing and vaping them. Just like vaping tanks, atomizers, and mods, your ejuice also needs maintenance. It is a good idea to shake the e-liquid before every use. This is necessary to ensure that the VG/PG mixture and nicotine mix well. In this way, you are assured of getting the right vaping quality.

You also need to ensure that your ejuices are not left on direct sunlight. Remember that nicotine is quite important to you if you are a beginner in vaping. Moreover, sunlight can decrease the intensity of nicotine. You may end up using a product you did not buy. Also, you should not leave the ejuice bottle open for too long.


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A Review Of The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

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Vaping has gained popularity in the recent years. It started as a regular e-cigarette, but today people can also vape other substances. Most marijuana vape users are looking for one that can ‘kill three birds at once,’ dry vape, liquid e-juice concentrate and oil-based options. Therefore, this ought not to be any vape but one specifically crafted for this purposes. If you want to review this in more details, check the best vaporizers as reviewed online by experts. This article will highlight what any beginner needs to know about vaporizers.

A review of the best vaporizers

Features of great vaporizers

A good vaporizer for marijuana a combination of a couple of features. Most people look for both portability and production of great vapor. Most manufacturers – after assessing the client needs – have embarked on providing the exact needs through these features.

Size – marijuana vaping pens are highly portable due to their small size. Most of them come in the size of a pen yet very powerful in their services.

Powerful clouds – as much as they look simple and small marijuana vapes are known to produce powerful smoke. Most users have confessed to enjoying what they get from them.

Versatility – Some of the best are known to work well with three common substances, i.e., dry herb, e – juice and oil-based marijuana. With this kind of versatility, users cannot ask for more.

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3

It’s small yet one of the best in the market today. As much as it may not have a LED indicator for temperature, it is known to produce one of the best clouds in the category. Its simplicity, safety measures, and affordability also make it very popular. People can enjoy the 3 in 1capability which is a feature most people are looking for.

The Firefly 2

This piece is known to produce instant heat courtesy of its small chamber. Thus, users can take small amounts at once especially if vaping alone. The original version of this was known to be heavier that the current one thus making it very portable. For people looking to have more fun, this vape pen also allows someone to see the herbs as they vape it through a small window on the lid.


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What to look for when buying e-juice

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If you ask people who are vaping what makes it different from the real cigarette smoking, for sure, the first thing that they will tell you is how good the feeling is once you start tasting the flavor of the new juice. And that is true. With tobacco products, you will only have a certain taste. But when it comes to electronic cigarettes, you can change the e-liquid anytime you want so you can have a different flavor. This is one of the advantages of e-cigarettes over the real cigarettes.


The e-juice that comes with your e-cigarette serves as the fuel of your device, so you enjoy vaping. It is the liquid that is turned into vapor by the atomizer. One good thing about it is there is an enormous number of flavors that you can choose from depending on what your preference is.

Take a look at the things that you have to check when you buy e-juice for your vaping device.

1. Great taste

As what was mentioned above, your choice of a flavor is endless. The manufacturers of e-liquid keep on innovating their products by coming up with a flavor that would certainly suit the tastes of the users. Are you into fruits? Are you into minty flavor? Or do you want chocolate and coffee? You name it! You can find almost all flavors that you can ever think of. So, when you buy e-juice for your vaping device, look for a flavor that you think would best satisfy you. Select something that has a great taste so you can have an enjoyable experience. As a tip, if you are new to vaping, try the different flavors and see which one has the greatest taste.

2. Nicotine strength

When it comes to the nicotine strength, this would depend on how strong the taste you would like it to be. Usually, people who have been heavy smokers but have decided to switch to vaping start with full tastes. You can do the same too, and you can gradually go for a milder nicotine strength later on. There are also e-juices that don’t have nicotine.

3. Safety

One of the most important things that you have to check when making a purchase of e-liquid is its safety. Avoid cheap products that are being distributed in the black market. Before you buy anything, you have to make sure that …