The Breast Implants Procedure

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There are two main types of breast implants, Saline vs Silicone Breast Implants. The saline-filled implants are shaped as silicone shells and contain saline water. Some of the implants are filled prior while others are filled during the implant operation. Implants filled with silicone gel are silicon shells. Many women prefer the silicone breast implants as it mimics real breasts than their saline counterparts. Both silicone and saline breasts arrive in different sizes. They are either smooth or textured shell. Each comes with its pros and cons, so it’s all about prioritizing your preferences.


A comparison between the Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants reveals a slight variance in costs. The costs depend on your location, the plastic surgeon and implant used. The surgery ranges from $5000 to $10,000. Health insurance does not cover the breast augmentation procedure.

 Breast implant surgery

Breasts continue developing until a woman gets into her early 20s. It’s statutory that a woman is 18 years old before qualifying for breast augmentation procedure involving saline-filled implants. Silicone implants on the other require the individual to be 22 years old. When deciding on the right surgeon to do this procedure for you. Narrow your search to a plastic surgeon who has been actively carrying out this procedure in the last five years. With an experienced specialist, you will experience fewer complications down the line.

Before undergoing the breast implant procedure meet up your surgeon for a medical evaluation. Tell him what you want and listen to his feedback. Your surgeon will tell you to stop taking certain medications before your surgery. You will have to decide whether you want it done as an outpatient or an inpatient procedure. As an inpatient, you will have to pay more. The breast implant procedure stretches on for two hours and is mostly pain-free as the patient is heavily sedated.

The plastic surgeon makes a low cut under the breasts, right under your arms. At times the cut is performed around the nipples. The exact location of the incision depends on your body, the type of implant and the area of enlargement. Your breast is then placed in a pocket above or below the chest muscles. Once the implant is right in place, the surgeon closes the sutures and cuts with surgical tape.

 The recovery period

After the surgery, the breasts are covered with gauze. There might also be draining …