The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

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The ultimate herpes protocol is an all inclusive drug-free program that can be used by both men and women to get rid of all types of herpes infection. It offers a better alternative to drugs that have side effects and also build toxins in the body. This begs the question, does the ultimate herpes protocol work for everyone? This has been the concern of most people who are interested in this program. Here are some of the insights that will help you understand this program in a better way.

What the program entails

Ultimate herpes protocol is a natural program that was developed by Melanie Addington after her experience with herpes. It is an all natural program that is not supported by antiviral, creams or any other forms of medication. She discovered that balancing a person’s diet and use of some natural herbs helped to boost a person’s immunity and naturally get rid of herpes forever. The program is segmented into three distinct phases.

How the ultimate herpes protocol works

Contracting herpes is an indicator that your body’s immune system was not strong enough to fight the virus. The initial phase of this program introduces one to methods that will help them improve their immunity. Many other infections take advantage of a weak immune system and therefore, this stage benefits the user in many ways.

The second stage deals with the herpes virus. These are methods that help destroy the coating of the herpes simplex virus and therefore prevent it from multiplying.

The final stage involves treatment that will prevent any future recurrence of herpes infection. It gives methods that help eliminate toxins in the body and also boost the immunity.

Pros and cons of the program

This program has a holistic approach that gives a long lasting relief to anyone who is suffering from this condition. Its natural approach also means that it does not have any side effects. Many users who are satisfied with the success of this program. However, the healing process in this program is not instantaneous and therefore some people may give up. Pregnant mothers are also advised to finish their full term before trying this method.

Does the ultimate herpes protocol work?

After 60 days of consistent use, the symptoms of herpes simplex will be over, and the immune system will be restored. There will be no more irritations, and the patient should never …