Cosmetic Dental Procedures

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Cosmetic dentistry has been used to improve smiles and appearances for a while now. It is, however, important to understand the risks and benefits that come with each cosmetic dental procedure before taking the first step n correcting your dental appearance. It is also important to be clear on the costs and whether the procedure will require any other maintenance requirements.

Cosmetic procedures

Teeth whitening

This procedure is usually used on patients with discolored teeth. Discoloration of teeth is usually caused by some aspects which may include medication, smoking and continuous use of beverages such as coffee.

Teeth whitening can involve a chemical process where a bleaching solution is used to ensure the right whitening amount is achieved. Alternatively, the dentist can advise on the appropriate procedures to use at home for whitening. This may take up to four weeks.


This procedure applies to patients who have chipped or broken teeth. It can also be used on patients who have large spaces in between their teeth.

Bonding materials are usually used to fill in the spaces and protect the root of the tooth from decay. This also helps in improving the appearance of the smile.

Contouring involves aligning the dental enamel so as to make the teeth look more beautiful. This procedure is good for patients who have crooked teeth, bite problems or too much bone in between the teeth.

Use of braces and invisalign

Invisalign makes use of clear plastic trays that are computer generated to improve the appearance of the teeth. On the other hand, braces have metal wires and brackets which are used to help adjust the position of the teeth.

Braces and invisalign are not only used to solve issues of teeth appearance. They are also used to correct bite problems that come up after special diagnosis.

Use of implants

Implants are long-term and expensive procedures that are used to replace missing teeth. They are normally used as alternatives to bridges which make use of adjacent teeth for anchoring.

The implants are usually divided into three parts. These parts are; the crown which has a similar appearance as a tooth, the abutment part which sticks out of the gum and the titanium metal which is usually fused to the jaw bone.

Every tooth problem has a unique cosmetic dental procedure that is best suitable for solving that particular problem. One should seek the advice …