Use a Ball Chair to Stay Fit

Posted on March 31, 2020Categories FitnessTags , ,   Leave a comment on Use a Ball Chair to Stay Fit

For a lot of us working at our desks long hours, the comfortable, slumped over desk posture is our -base. It’s the one we constantly go back to.

Nevertheless, while dropping in your chair may feel good at the time, bad workplace posture can cause more pain in your back in the long run.

Sitting isn’t at all best for your overall posture and core posture muscles to begin with. Studies have shown that prolonged sitting, especially our slouched desk posture, might add to low pain in the back and chronic back problems. Therefore, it is best if you can find a way to work your body while you perform your daily tasks. The best option is the ballchair from Isokinetics.

Whether at a desk working, in a chair having a meal or on the sofa watching tv, most of our waking hours are spent sitting. Sure, we may go to the health club every day. However, even that is only for a couple of hours. The majority of our body conditioning time is spent slouching.

So what can you do to develop excellent posture and preserve a healthy back? Active sitting on a ball chair is the
answer you are looking for. Active sitting is a method that engages your body’s core muscles while you sit. When you sit on ball chair your body is forced to find its natural balance. To do this, the body has to work your core muscles constantly to make sure you don’t fall off.

Even though a ball chair may look odd and like a toy, it is the most practical option for anyone who sits for hours performing their duties.

A ball chair can be a way of helping you lose some weight and even getting the great ab muscles you always wanted. You may not have time to go jogging or even exercise at the gym so why not exercise your body while you sit down.…