Top Massage Chairs by Panasonic

Top massage chairs by Panasonic

Panasonic has already built its brand in many other areas leave alone massage chairs. When it comes to massage chairs, Panasonic does not disappoint. The experience of over 40 years in the electronic business has proved that the brand can be trusted and is reliable enough to offer quality products. The brand is ever doing research and over the years, Panasonic keeps coming up with new and innovative products.

Top massage chairs by Panasonic

Panasonic EP-MA73 real pro ultra

This massage chair is a great combination of design and the use of latest technology. There are many things to like about this top chair released in 2014.

Deep stretch massage

This chair offers deep stretch massage in all parts of the body including shoulders, pelvis, legs and neck.

User-friendly controls

Sometimes it becomes difficult to access the controls of many massage chairs. The controls of this chair are not only easily accessible, but everything is available at the click of a button.

Armrest with air bagsTop massage chairs by Panasonic

This chair offers additional comfort to the users. The compression above the arm which is inflated ensures that your arms are comfortable.

Jenetsu technique

This is a technique that uses spiral motions to relax body muscles instantly with ease.

hPanasonic EP1285KL Urban

Sleek and stylish

Just like the name suggests this is a chair for people looking for a versatile massage chair. It is sleek and stylish, and it made using pure leather. It is also made with an aluminum finish to complete the design.

Air ottoman feature

This is an important feature especially for people who want to massage the lower back. It has 14 airbags that circulate helping to massage the lower body.

Auto reclines feature

This is a feature that allows the chair to recline up to 170 degrees, therefore, stretching the legs and thighs for a more comfortable position.

Panasonic EP-3007 KX real pro ultra

Suitable for all body types

This is an ideal chair for people of all body types. People who are short now don’t have to worry about finding a chair that is appropriate for them.

Pressure sensor technology

Top massage chairs by PanasonicThis is a modern technology that offers massage depending on the body size of the person. It calculates pressure exerted on the chair and uses this to massage.

Exceptional tissue massage

This is one of the few massages that has been approved by the American Chiropractic Association for offering excellent tissue massage.

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