Top Vaping Tips for New Users

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If you have decided to switch from smoking to vaping, you may be overwhelmed at the start. Just like other things, you will need to learn first. This should not stop you from vaping. According to VIBLEOyou can learn some vaping tricks and tips that work well for you. In this post, you will learn some important tips to get you started in the appropriate direction. The following are some tips:

Disassemble the Device at Night

enjoy vapingThis may seem to be a pointless and tedious task. However, in the end, you can understand. It is advisable to remove the vape tank or atomizer, particularly if it was filled with the ejuice. This is necessary to prevent any spills or leaks that can occur from time to time. If the juice makes contact with the button or the battery, this may result in the death of your device.

Beware of Cracking

Your retailer may have warned you. Unfortunately, some retailers are not honest about their products. Remember that vape tanks are not made equal. Thus, certain ejuices may not be used in given tanks. For instance, plastic tanks are known to warp or crack with different juices. Cinnamon and menthols are some of the ejuices that are quite notorious when it comes to causing problems. If you want to enjoy a wide range of ejuices, then it is a good idea to purchase glass tanks.

eJuice Maintenance

There is a lot more to ejuices than just purchasing and vaping them. Just like vaping tanks, atomizers, and mods, your ejuice also needs maintenance. It is a good idea to shake the e-liquid before every use. This is necessary to ensure that the VG/PG mixture and nicotine mix well. In this way, you are assured of getting the right vaping quality.

You also need to ensure that your ejuices are not left on direct sunlight. Remember that nicotine is quite important to you if you are a beginner in vaping. Moreover, sunlight can decrease the intensity of nicotine. You may end up using a product you did not buy. Also, you should not leave the ejuice bottle open for too long.


vapingBatteries are quite important when it comes to vaping. It does not matter if you are using a box mod or a starter kit pen. You should start with starter batteries. They have a color code button that offers you an idea into the life of a battery. When the battery starts to die, do not leave it to get to the point of dying.

Be Ready to Experiment

It is a good idea to try different vaping tricks and tips. You may come across different vape brands. Some are okay and others you will love. This is all that is in the discovery process. You will be surprised that learning is quite fun. Be ready to try new products. You can find different brands of ejuices on the market.

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