Why Measuring is Important to Fitness

Measuring tape around slim beautiful waist.Improving fitness is a performance-based concept. Fitness is generally related to improved health and wellness, both physically and mentally.

Most people associate fitness to lower weight. This is not always the case. Let us begin by reviewing a definition of fitness:

“Total Physical fitness is the capability to combine illness avoidance, efficiency in daily life, capability to do preferred activities, (e.g. sports, dancing, playing with kids), healthy mental attitude, and excellent social behaviors, in order to achieve an optimum quality of life.”
This meaning of physical fitness require enhancing both the physical and mental qualities of life. For an evaluation of how mental activity associates with fitness, see “Do Not Underestimate the Psychological Affects of Physical fitness”. The very best means to determine physical fitness is to develop measurements that associate with the above meaning. Measurements are the very best way to figure out performance.

Why are measurements so essential? Measurements are the property for feedback. Feedback links directly to enhancing efficiency. In a study project performed by Miriam Erez it was discovered that feedback, “Facilitates the display of specific differences in self-set objectives on the basis of knowledge of specific past efficiency. Then when self-goals are set, it provides understanding for future efficiency to be constant with the self-set goals. Feedback starts with a research of your current reality, e.g. present body fat percent, body circumference.

The next step is to develop a vision that establishes a preferred future state. Once this is done you have to define the measurements for the future state utilizing the exact same measurement criteria you used to determine your current truth. After finishing this step, it is simple to compare the two measurements and recognize the performance gap. It is very important to understand that knowing this details (understanding) does not ensure a change in performance. How you make use of the information (monitoring & action) dictates change that results in efficiency that is more effective.

tape-measureNow that we understand understanding alone does not cause performance enhancement, it is very important to comprehend how monitoring can result in action resulting in efficiency modification. This principle becomes more vital as you learn to take liability for sustained fitness.

Many people employ personal trainers since of their capability to establish measurements and keep an eye on the progress of their clients. Sadly, this can lead to reliance on the trainer. This is bad for 2 reasons. Initially, the reliance is costly. Second, it moves the customer’s efficiency accountability to the fitness instructor.

When the customer chooses to stop utilizing the individual trainer, there has actually not been enough finding out on the customer’s part, to transfer the ability of tracking and action planning for continued physical fitness performance. As a result, the client commonly abandons their monitoring resulting in non-performance. This typically results in abandoning physical fitness development and a regression back to the previous state.

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